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Studio Project Pencil

Project pencil is a small art & design studio, where we strive to help our friends with excellent designs, on a variety of mediums. We can  capsule precious memories into art pieces and create statement additions to your home décor.

  • "Great job!"

    "I was looking for an activity book for Ramadan and couldn’t find one in Pakistan, all belonged to international authors and either sold out or not available. I am glad I found you."

    - Saman

  • "informative and engaging"

    This is the most Funnest most informative and engaging book. It's for 5+. But I am definitely going to get the twins to do as much as they can and then save for future.

    - Amna

  • "Such a good idea"

    "This Ramadan activity book has 30 activities for 30 days. It has a lot of interesting stuff for kids like crossword puzzles, mazes and stories about Prophets. I thought this was such a good idea. It is really good quality and it teaches your kids a lot."

    - Sarah Khalid